Gro-Bet Micro-reinforcement

AGROSAK S.A. produces polypropylene tape, staple, defiberized (in monofilaments) used as an additive to concrete which is called: „GRO-BET”

This product complies with the EU standard PN-EN 14889-2 2007. Fibres in Concrete.

It is used as an additive to concrete in order to eliminate shrinkage cracks caused by shrinkage of concrete under hardening and in order to improve concrete properties. Its usage results in increased weather resistance of concrete, at the same time, increasing its impact resistance. It acts as a micro-reinforcement and replaces steel anti-shrinkage nets as well as other auxiliary elements supporting the reinforcement, thus helping to eliminate problems with corrosion and to reduce costs and lead time of production.

It is excellent when used in components exposed to squeezing, frequent frost or aggressive water penetration. Thanks to formed dispersed reinforcement, concrete mass has uniform properties and its strength parameters are improved. This enables to reduce the dimensions of the produced concrete components and, at the same time, to achieve considerable savings of raw-materials.

Staple polypropylene fibre (so-called Fibrils) are coated with an agent preventing formation of electrostatic charges and facilitating their dispersion within the concrete mass and, simultaneously, increasing their adhesion to concrete.

These fibres are inactive, alkali- and base-resistant. They are also completely non-toxic, not pricking and safe for people and environment.

“GRO-BET” fibres are packed into string bags containing 0.75 kg of fibrils or into packages of the capacity agreed between the supplier and the customer. Concrete with the addition of GRO-BET tapes is designed for completion of industrial floors, prefabricated elements, thin-walled mortars as well as for shotcrete i.e. as a component of dry mixtures.

Preparation of concrete mixtures should be carried out in typical drum mixers, in proportion of 0.75 kg of tape for 1 m3 of concrete. Mixing time: 5 minutes at a speed of 15 r.p.m. Other operations of concrete treatment remain unchanged. GRO-BET fibres are suitable for all concrete mixtures and additives and they do not require any changes in proportions of mixtures. Also, when used in the recommended proportions, no changes in design are required.

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